To the backers of the VLKN Knife on Kickstarter

To the backers of the VLKN Knife on Kickstarter-

We're aware of the VLKN knife on Kickstarter and think what the creator of that project did to all his backers was terrible. It's never a good feeling to contribute to a project, then to never hear from the creator again.

The story

Our supplier contacted us a few months ago saying that one of their customers was unable to pay for the VLKN knives they manufactured, and if we were interested in them. We agreed to purchase the remaining inventory since it was a high quality knife and fit with the other products we sell.

Unfortunately we have no way of messaging the backers on Kickstarter since we didn't back the original project and the funding window is now closed. We also have no way of receiving any of the original money from Kickstarter, the creator, or the backers since it's not our project.

Our offer

A backer messaged us a few weeks ago and we started looking into how to make this right.

We decided to offer backers of the VLKN Knife project either:

  • a $20 discount on the knife with code KICKSTARTER
  • or $20 plus 50% off our 8-in-1 multitool with code KICKSTARTERMULTITOOL*

This of course includes free shipping and returns if you're not satisfied.

We know this won't get you the knife you originally paid for on Kickstarter, but we hope that if you're still interested in this knife for yourself or a friend, it will make the purchase a little easier.

- Scott & Cliff

* Appears as $32.49 at checkout

To make this offer easy to redeem, we're not asking you to send us your purchase details. We reserve the right to change this at any time if the discount gets out to a wider audience than anticipated.